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Knot's Revisited

When Ray Howard entered high school, he was determined to be a priest in the Catholic Church. After five years, he experienced his first bipolar episode and was forced to give up his vocation. After completing a master's program at Loyola University, he began his teaching career. With the aid of lithium, he was able to complete a master's degree in psychology and became a psychologist. He came out as gay after much soul-searching. In spite of being bipolar and gay, Ray was able to be successful in two careers and retire at sixty-seven. Upon his retirement, he began his writing career and not only wrote his autobiography, but also, he has written the screenplay for his novel. These are his first efforts in writing, but they won't be his last. He is now working on a book about his education in the liberal arts. He lives in Los Angeles and is working on making Knots Revisited into a full-length movie.

--Ray Howard

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