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Knights of Labor: New York

The battle against the Tailores is on the verge of ending. The Knights of Labor have worked four long years to put an end to their greatest adversaries, but one person stands in their way. One of their members has a dark secret which shows her as an ally to the Tailores, and she has to wipe away all the evidence of her ties with the gang. Little does she know someone knows her secret and will bring it to the light. Her obsession with finding this person will lead her to going against some of her closest friends, but she must do what it takes to have her name in the clear.At the same time, the Knights of Labor realize there's a traitor in their midst, and they desire to know who. They are also working hard to find this traitor. With them in pursuit of the truth, and she working hard to destroy the truth, who will be the last man standing?


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