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Karmic Punch

Karmic Punch is mostly fictional. The protagonist, Robert, begins his adult life adroitly weaving through law school, marriage, career, and parenthood. All is bliss. Or is it?

Things begin to unravel for Robert. It begins with a career hiccup. Can Robert harmoniously rein in the spending habits of his wife and two daughters? It won't be easy.

He fails miserably. His idyllic family life implodes. Rather than confront his problems, he distracts himself by conjuring up some old demons. Before the ink dries on his divorce decree, he has committed an unimaginable crime.

Karmic Punch is a thought-provoking exposé on love, marriage, education, work, the criminal justice system, and redemption. Hopefully, your karma is better than Robert's.

--Mark Vanderbosch

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