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Kane: A walk through darkness

Driven mad by a lifelong battle with depression and suffocating fear of failure, a devoted husband and father violently takes his own life and finds himself trapped in a dark, terrifying underworld ruled by a psychotic fallen angel, a place of hopelessness where lost souls face unimaginable horrors and endure endless torment to the amusement of the beautiful and twisted Ereshkigal.

For Kane, however, death brings clarity and purpose.

Drawing on an inner strength he has never known, Kane sets out across the twisted planes of purgatory with unrelenting determination to redeem himself and find a way home.

Both amused and fascinated by Kane's tenacity, Ereshkigal's motives toward Kane begin to change and soon twist into a dark obsession. Instead of toying with this mortal, she now seeks to keep him for herself.

--Erik Coryell

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