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Justice or Injustice? You Decide: True Life of Big Jim Pitman

This book is an adventure of the life and growth of a nerdy kid from the streets of Jersey City, New Jersey. Displaced to the deep south of Pensacola, Florida, he struggled as a fish out of water and found himself getting into trouble often in his early years. This years and experiences also taught him about fear and how to overcome it.

His early beginnings had him leading a gang at sixteen years old and committing robberies and break-ins followed by his inevitable imprisonment for his crimes in (the Wall) Huntsville, Texas as well as years of hard labor at Florida State Prison in Raiford, Florida, and Bartow Prison Road Camp, a Cool Hand Luke type of facility.

Eventually, he gained his freedom and spent years dispensing vigilante justice. That abruptly came to an end with miracle of circumstances.

In all, Jim has been described as a man with the tenacity of Clint Eastwood, the adrenaline rush of Indiana Jones, the physical feats of a James Bond movie, the genius of Einstein, the psychoanalyzing skills of Dr. Phil, and the power of Al Capone. He surrendered it all to a life in Jesus Christ and became a humble minister of God.

--James Pitman

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