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Just Sex: A Book of Short Stories

This is a book of six short stories. First is about an inexperienced young girl who, when she was publicly humiliated, instead of running and crying, she gets the ultimate revenge when she becomes an Internet star.

Next is an average girl who changed her life when she answered an ad to become a licensed sex worker at a brothel in Pahrump, Nevada. where after a tragedy, she finds unexpected love.

The third story is about a girl who grew up in a very old house in Maine, only to find out she had been living with a ghost, and something very unexpected happens.

The next story is about a young girl thrown into unexpected circumstances when she thinks she has found love.

Then there is Melody, an insatiable girl who decides to backpack across Europe and all the experiences she has along the way.

Last is about a girl who finds unexpected pleasure through avenues on the dark Web.

--BJ Henderson

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