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Just Joe: True Life Adventures of an American Truck Driver

If there's one thing truck drivers enjoy, it's telling stories from the road. From near-death experiences to narrow escapes and with a diversity of characters and locations all over the country, this book describes life on the road for one American truck driver. From drama to physical danger to maddening actions, he describes the stories with a wry sense of humor that will leave you either scratching your head in bewilderment or laughing out loud.

This book contains stories of the author's interaction with people from all over the country as a trainer for the industry. It also shows the diversity of the American experience, from people who lived in their vehicles to people dealing with personal issues, everyone looking to change the direction of their lives by learning a new skill. These stories are meant to be more entertaining than informative, a break from everyday monotony with a look into a lifestyle most will never experience.

From driving through ice and snowstorms for days at a time to high winds and traffic jams, the stories cover it all. So grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and enjoy the ride.

--Joe Ward

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