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Just Another Day

Just Another Day is the true life story of an FBI agent after a short career as a New York City police officer. The sequence of events not only captures investigations and arrests but also involves interactions with a number of individuals on both sides of the law, to include a childhood friendship with a man who rose to be the right hand of the boss of the Gambino crime family, John Gotti Jr. This book is geared toward individuals who have a taste for true crime stories (including stories of Italian organized crime figures) that are entwined with events involving a special agent of the FBI during the course of a twenty-eight-year career. The stories begin with an evolving saga that involves the struggles growing up in a neighborhood that was affected by the violence of the crew of associates of John Gotti Sr. It then takes you through episodes experienced during six years as a cop in the high-crime areas during the 1980s in Harlem and Washington Heights, which culminate with working with the special agents that brought down Gotti in the 1990s.

--Jason Randazzo

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