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Jump the Fence, Emily Ann! Jump the Fence

Emily Ann is a third grader who lives in a house on the other side of a chain-link fence near her school. Her journey to school each morning is different from that of the other children who live near her. Emily Ann uses her strength and imagination to get to school by crossing over the fence in her backyard. Rather than following everyone else down the sidewalk and up the driveway to the school, Emily Ann chooses a path that is short but also difficult. With persistence, however, she completes her task each school day. Unknowingly, Emily Ann has three schoolmates in their grandmother’s car see her jump the fence on their way to school. For Abigale, Dominic, and Xavier, it has become a game early in the morning on their way to school. They get much joy from watching her attempt and complete her goal. One can call Emily Ann a leader rather than a follower because she thinks for herself and shows determination and courage in crossing the fence. She has fun along the way—you can see it in her expressions. She is a role model because others will follow her example. Emily Ann certainly brightens up the school day for everyone in Grandmother’s car!

--Linda Herold

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