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Jub Jub and the Mystery of the Wooden Spoon

Jub Jub is a fourteen-year-old rambunctious boy who mysteriously awakens on the top of a mountain with no recollection of how he got there. He soon discovers that the only way down the mountain is through a cave entrance that sends him on a perilous journey filled with bone-chilling creatures, micro monsters, a future friend named Bones, and a rancorous old witch named Dorkus—his newly discovered nemesis. Along the way he uncovers hidden secrets that give him the strength and cunningness to defeat the evil that encompasses the world that surrounds him.

During their travels, Jub Jub and Bones encounter many mental and physical challenges. Our reluctant duo come face-to-face with skin crawlers, land chompers, hydrator squirrels, vamporites, and the ever-elusive bloody arm. Through a series of comical errors and unexpected bravery, Jub Jub soon discovers that a simple wooden spoon holds the key to defeating the harmful forces he encounters.

--B.S. Kressin

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