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Joey's Big Day

In 1959, Joey was a five-year-old kid who just couldn't wait to start school. Unfortunately, during that time, parents were not required to enroll kids into kindergarten at the age of five.Now Joey lived on the main road where kids walked to and from school. He would get up early each scheduled school day and stare out of the same window to watch the kids pass by his house. Sometimes he would just patiently stare out the window, and other times he would wave, hoping to share in just a small part of the school kid's journey.One day, Joey had a bad idea and decided to take matters into his own little hands. He quietly packed part of his breakfast into a Hot Wheel carry case and sneaked out the back door, and unbeknownst to his mom, Joey took his place among the kids walking to school.This is a children's book about a five-year-old's passion, family values, and ultimate achievement.

--Joseph Lee

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