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Jo Jo's Body Shop & Fitness Studio: Head Up Chest Up Shoulders Back Stomach Tight Bend Your Knees!

This is a short autobiography of the rise and fall of a professional athlete who knows her way around a gym. As a professional trainer to people and dogs, she has honed in on taking each individual through their own path of fitness and wellness through self-encouraging tips and workouts to last all year long. The book allows for free interaction with JoJo through her website, Wyman has a sincere passion for health and fitness. Her knowledge and experience are unparalleled to any other. She is a disciplined, hardcore, world-class athlete. Yet she's a patient and devoted teacher who helps each client achieve their personal goals, regardless of their abilities and limitations.Thanks to Jo, I am stronger, more flexible, and healthier than I have ever been in my life!—Angelia GilmartinI started training with Jo when I was six months pregnant with my daughter over fifteen years ago. Her dedication, expertise, and commitment to the health of her clients is unprecedented.—Deborah Singer

--Jo Jo

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