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Jinx Birthright

The Birthright team is exhilarated by their win in the City Park at the beginning of summer vacation. Now that school has started again, Jinx and his friends are more worried about; new teachers, new friends, and who's the prettiest girl in school than the darkness slowly beginning to grip the city of New Day. A new designer drug of choice called Amber is sending Deltas into fits of rage and giving normal people uncontrollable powers. When the drug infects someone close to Jinx, he dives head first into the Lowers and begins searching for answers to an inconceivable question. Why is Amber laced with black magic?

Dark days are coming. Secrets will be revealed. Hope will be taken away. And when it is gone, Birthright must come together to focus their energy into seeing the complete picture. When their eyes are open to the truth and everything is revealed, nothing will ever be the same again.

--Brett A. Cramer

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