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Jeremiah Revel: The Blackguards of Charlatan

Jeremiah Revel wanted to be just like his father—a proud member of The City Police Force. However, the corruption and deceit that infected the decaying city is too much for an honest man to take. He is forced to return his badge and make a living as a private investigator. However, he and his misfit group of friends take on a case that will uncloak the dangerous mysteries surrounding the criminal underworld known as The Harvest Union.

Being a man full of so much love, and so much anger, Jeremiah Revel struggles to understand whether he is the hero, or slowly becoming the villain. The line that separates the two becomes vague. Even though his friends surround him, Jeremiah Revel feels alone in this endeavor—save for Heather, his lovely escape. Somehow, a simple investigation turns into an unlikely adventure of heartache and survival, of betrayal and revival, where beauty and darkness coexist within the absence of light.

--D. Joseph Ziders

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