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Jacob Montgomery, Time Chronicler

What if a beautiful transfer student suddenly appeared in front of you one day and said you were a time chronicler, someone who observed history and recorded it for the future? What if she also told you that you needed to travel with her through time to collect your lost memories? Would you believe and go, or would you scoff and think her crazy?

Seventeen-year-old Jacob Montgomery is a typical high school student until the day Averial DeLaCore steps into his history class as a transfer student. From the first moment he lays eyes on her, his instincts tell him there’s something off about her; but it isn’t until she tells him he’s a time chronicler and shows him things he can’t believe that he starts to understand.

After convincing him of the truth, Averial and Jacob’s first journey takes them back to before the civil war begins. It’s during this journey that Jacob learns he must collect all the fragments of his original self or his life will be forfeited. However, time is of the essence, and returning to the past is wrought with danger and unexpected events. Jacob and Averial will have to fight to stay alive and learn to trust each other while tracking down the first piece of the puzzle that is Jacob Montgomery, Time Chronicler.

--Michael Bones

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