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Jack James and Lilly Mae's Halloween Counting Book

Jack James and Lilly Mae are twin siblings who are

excited about Halloween and trick or treating. They

love getting dressed up, getting candy, and other

goodies, but most of all they love seeing their friends

and family. The one thing the twins are most excited

about is completing their journey down the street to

get to Grandpa and Grandma Drake's house to tell them

all about trick or treating and all the goodies they got

and get some of Grandma Drake's delicious Halloween

brownies. But most of all, they look forward to visiting

with two of their most favorite people in the world,

Grandpa and Grandma Drake. Jack James and Lilly Mae

are loving, active, sociable children, and I hope you

enjoy learning how to count with them on their trick or

treating adventure.

--Aaron Beebe

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