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It's All Relative: A Journal through a Family Legacy of Cancer

It’s All Relative: A Journal Through a Family Legacy of Cancer is about my journey through cancer and our genetic link for cancer. The book was written to help the reader not only follow my journey but also support their own journey, whether cancer, disease, or other struggles they are facing. The book is to help the reader to remember you are the only you that you have and enjoy even the little moments. Blips will always be in your way to challenge you, but remember, in the grand scheme of things, it is a short time, and you will get through it. By reading my story, may you allow others in to help, and remember to smile. I hope my story helps you to stop and smell the flowers, feel the wind, touch the grass on your bare toes, and open your eyes to all the wonderful things that surround you. Remember to enjoy your life moment to moment.

--Tammy Hughes

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