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It Happened Like This...


Described in this book

• "You made me laugh and cry," stated by the transcriptionist

• Had prayer with a stripper

• Filmed seagulls flying backward

• Performed a wedding in Sesame Street's studio in NYC

• TV station Engineer was accidentally televised sitting on the toilet

• Two pallbearers fell into an open grave

• Negotiated an end to a crisis

• Convinced a man to hand over a loaded .45 gun

• Filmed and televised the first experimental atomic detonation in the

Nevada desert

• Had lunch with Big Bird and Cookie Monster

• My motel room was searched for bank robbers

• Challenged a ghost who had thrown my coat on the floor

• Unexpectedly added a new canine tenor to the church choir

Trustee for a multimillion-dollar Children's Education Trust Fund

Volunteer Jail Chaplain

Volunteer Police and Fireman's Chaplin

Volunteer Hospital Chaplain

Dr. Charles A. Hamilton has written two other books,

one on early television and one on part-time employment opportunities.

--Dr. Charles A. Hamilton

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