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Isabel's Whiskers

Cats of all kinds get into and out of scrapes of all kinds in Peggy McGookin's animal neighborhood, in this series of short tales, Isabel's Whiskers.

Take the title story, "Isabel's Whiskers," for instance. The trouble a cat named Isabel gets into after losing two whiskers and trying to put them back on, so as to look more glamorous, will have readers smiling. Then there's "The Mischievous Three"—Scrapper, Chloe, and Peanut—trying to make a batch of cookies but ending up making a mess instead. There are other adventures, too, such as one with a cat named George, in "The Cat Who Wanted to Fly," and with Boz and his friend, Jack the dog, in "The Halloween Cat."

These are amusing children's stories that teach lessons in friendship, the value of knowing and accepting oneself and of looking before one leaps. The cats' pride, longing, and high jinks get them into some very comical situations.

--Peggy McGookin

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