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Involved with a Cad for 7 Years in the Twilight Zone

A true story of an ill-fated relationship marked by indifference, adversity, deceit, betrayal, and endurance.

The author takes you into her marriage with her ex-foreign national spouse, who goes from charming, alarming to harming. During this insidious union with nefarious intent, the American wife discovers that her marriage was one-sided and only for the purpose of securing a United States visa, then a green card.

The Twilight Zone is a place in time where you have never been, where you will learn to overcome the obstacles of unimaginable adversity by finding your inner strength so that you can rise above the shitstorm of controlling and manipulative individuals who seek to only do you harm.

It is this very place where you find your inner voice and self-love that has resided within you all along.

--Darlene Nolin

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