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Intrigue and Romance in D Sharp

Several years ago, Lea Finn walked away from her big-city corporate career. She bought a Key West–style home in Bradenton, Florida, and spent her days kayaking, swimming, and lounging in a hammock. Her nights were filled with sizzling romance and tales of adventure in idyllic locations. And of course, a few hours of sleep! The only flaw in her newfound perfect lifestyle was the dead lady's house next door, or so she thought…KC Bradlow is a prominent attorney. He is known for his professionalism, eye for detail, and superior trial skills. The consensus according to the legal secretaries across Bradenton: he is an absolute and total hunk. The "grapevine" was usually focused on the hearsay of who he was or wasn't sleeping with at the moment. And KC, at times, liked to fuel the secretaries wagging tongues. Who better to help him with the speculations was none other than his sister and fellow attorney, Kristianna Romanoff? But there are some who are not interested in the exquisite but unattainable body of KC Bradlow. Rather, they could think of no greater pleasure than to wipe the smile from his beautiful face and end his perfect life…KC is a smart attorney. Can he figure out how to stop the destruction of everything he loves and holds dear to him before his time runs out?

--Tam Ahlborn

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