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Internal Reflections

This book is the story of Changa Asa Ramu, but there are many young men who walk in the same shoes and have experienced the same journey. Too often do young African-American men learn from their own experiences when they should have been mentored, educated, and prepared for life struggles as an African American in this racist and sometimes violent country. However, Changa has learned the hard way and finds himself in circumstances that aren’t easy to overcome. He’s now serving a life sentence for a fatal shooting in which his own life was in serious danger. He struggles with the reality that at nineteen years old, he may never see freedom again. He goes through a deep depression and has a bad adjustment to his new reality. In solitary confinement, he comes into contact with older politically, socially, and culturally conscious prisoners who were able to enlighten him and articulate his plight as an individual, as well as their collective struggle as a people. He then went on a search to learn more about his history, culture, and political reality. His story also involves his family and their relationships and struggles during his incarceration. He goes on to experience control units and to suffer from the psychological effects of them. Through all these trials and tribulations, he gives educated commentary and reflections of his life, spirituality, family, race, and culture. He has learned that freedom is more than having liberty to move about in the greater society. Freedom is a state of mind and the ability to think independently.

--Changa Asa Ramu

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