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Insulating Your Mobile or Manufactured Home: 1950 - Present

Why is my home cold? This book covers how to information on why and how to change that cold house into a warm home step-by-step. Duct systems are often separated, parted, and often destroyed by water and animals. Learn how to seal and repair damaged ducts to save on your electric bill. Air sealing—learn how and where to seal holes in the shell of the home that are constantly losing heat to outside and how to repair holes in the rodent barrier and insulate the floor with substantial amounts of insulation. There are several ways to insulate the ceiling in a manufactured home. This book covers building structure of how it was built and the different components that make up its structure from walls, windows, roofs, duct systems, and heating system, discussing how they can be improved to make your cold house into a warm home.

--Kevin D. Nelson

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