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Innocence Lost

Innocence Lost sweeps the reader up into the adventures of a boy who, from an unknown entity, manages to become his junior high's supreme leader, followed by a small transitional period of limited conflicts with the regime's Secret Service and culminates with the struggles of freedom out into the streets of Bucharest Romania in late December 1989.

The book describes in detail every single thing that the author has experienced during the last six years of socialism of one of the most brutal dictatorships in Eastern Europe. Every aspect of schooling, education, military training, battlegrounds, and personal private life of the author has been described in order to let the readers know what could happen or could have happened if they were to live in socialism. The book also describes Romania's history, economics, cultural, and social life along with some of the author's favorite vacation spots.

Robert V. Angel-Little gets elected to lead the masses of pioneers (students) and works tirelessly to consolidate his position not only as a feared leader, but also as a trustworthy person within his community. After he resigns his duties as junior high leader, he enrolls into the country's National Guard program and takes his admission tests at the high school of his choice. At both institutions, he comes into an open conflict with the elite forces of the Secret Service, who plays its part similarly to Nazi Germany's state police, the Gestapo.

As both good and unfortunate events take their courses, the author and his friends manage to survive both institutions at great costs: the disappearances of some friends and also expulsions from both institutions. The latter, along with all the other mishaps that took place in the past, has been the trigger point of revenge of both the author and his friends which culminates with their actions during the late December 1989 Romanian Revolution.

Innocence Lost is a boy's testament to the world and is dedicated to all those who have lived and died fighting for freedoms from the clutches of socialist and communist oppression.


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