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Influencing Generation Next

Influencing Generation Next is a heartfelt motivational book that will inspire, challenge, and equip you to help younger people in your spheres reach their full potential in Christ. No matter what background you come from or who you are trying to raise up, there is always a way to make a difference. In this book, Lane outlines ten timeless keys of influence that will help you gain access to their heart which in turn will afford you opportunities of influence. In life, there is nothing more important than handing down the God–given values and greatness that has been given to you. You have what this generation needs for success even though they may not know it and may say they don't need it. We just have to live it out in front of them then impart it into them by caring for them and believing in them. This is a great book for parents, grandparents, professional athletes, coaches, teachers, pastors, entrepreneurs, principales, CEOs, celebrities, media personalities or anyone who wants to make a difference in this generation.

--Lane Arnold

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