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Individual Spiritual Growth Be Still and Think About it

We are all on our own individual spiritual quest to know God. I invite you to travel with me along my journey. My journey has come to me through spending time in the still silent place that is between all that is. I invite you to go to that space between the stars, the silent space between our thoughts, and all that is.

This is not a religious journey, but it is a spiritual one. I believe you will hear things you have never heard before. I will share with you my most inner thoughts, thoughts that can only come from sitting in that quiet still place that is between all that is.

I challenge you to take this journey with me and see what doors it opens for you and the new thoughts it will bring to you. This journey is not so much for me but for you as you grow on your own spiritual path. The path I am on is only a small step in my journey, a journey that will continue until my soul becomes one with God.

--Dale Froling

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