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Thirty years in the future, Native Indigenous people took the United State of America Constitution to court. That country was awarded back to the Native peoples and everyone, from Alaska in the North to Argentine in the South and all of the Caribbean, have to now go back to their country of DNA dominance. If you are not 50.01 percent Native Indigenous American, you then have to go back to the country that you are more DNA dominant, and this is for everyone.

The reset starts on October 12, 1492, the day of Columbus' arrival to the Americas and due to the computing power of computers in the future. This was an easy task for computers at that time. Marveling at the rapid ease of moving that massive amount of people from one part of the world to the next. A logistical nightmare thirty years ago is a simple process today.

Observing the dynamic integration of culture and economics of similar people coming together for the first time again in over 553 years, are you ready to take this journey?

--Juledor Corneille

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