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In Your Dreams

Geoffrey Jamison is pretty much your average thirteen-year-old, maybe a little on the nerdy side, but still able to fit in. But nothing prepared him for his first day in this school. He’s never been able to walk through a closed door, read someone else’s thoughts, or float through the air like a cloud. But those are his new classes—definitely not your typical class schedule. A little confused at first, he figures his best bet is to make new friends and then figure it all out with them

As they begin to develop these new skills, they learn that there are forces in play that threaten their safety, as well as that of this world. Suddenly it’s critical to master their new skills. It becomes glaringly apparent that they must band together in a race to thwart the evil spirit Helbezar. Their goal: recover a long lost process that can either protect or destroy their universe depending on whose hands it falls into.

With challenges that test their mettle and danger at almost every turn, the fate of this new world is hanging in the balance. What chance does a group of thirteen-year-old kids have to succeed against such odds? No matter, the gauntlet has been thrown.

--Michael McDonald

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