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In the Mind of Adolescence

Sweet, sassy, and sour––the 3 S's most girls between the ages of seven to sixteen years old have been called or accused of being at least once. My name is Laylah Tyrell and I would have the honor of mastering all three before turning the ripe age of thirteen. Not bragging on anything negative of course, because those who knew me understood me and those who think they knew me, ended up labeling me as a troublemaker or the black sheep of the family. I was extremely observant at a very young age, somewhat bashful, but didn't much get pass me unless I wanted it to. That's why it came as a bit of a surprise when I learned my mom and stepdad wanted to send this city girl to the country, to avoid getting in more trouble and possible jail time.I admit, I did some wrong; possibly some unspeakable things growing up, but I was also forced to deal with a lot of things children my age shouldn't be exposed to, and I guess that made me hostile or as I would like to call it, "tough enough."You see I was abused and abandoned at the age of seven, abused by the son of a family friend and abandoned by my biological father, and although that does not excuse the wrong I did, it had much to do with me spiraling out of control as a teenager and hurting others along the way. The hurt, betrayal, suicidal thoughts, all these emotions would lead to behaviors that would fuel me for a decade to come. In Mind | Tammy Crumb

--Tammy Crumb

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