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In Search of Peace

Dr. Fred Kronen was a volunteer physician in Sandinista, Nicaragua, during the tumultuous years of 1987 to 1988. By this time, Nicaragua had already suffered years of dictatorship, revolution, rebirth, and then the massive effort by the Reagan administration to destroy the new Sandinista regime. Reagan’s creation, the Contra, had inflicted enormous harm upon the Nicaraguan countryside in its effort to oust the Sandinistas. It had also, by this time, transformed itself into a sort of popular movement of its own, pitting family against family in the countryside.

Dr. Kronen’s memoir of this time provides a window on the daily struggle to survive during this difficult era. The political currents, the battered altruism of the Sandinista revolution, and the deep dignity of the Nicaraguan people are all recounted in human detail. His experience as an American, an international, and a physician in rural Nicaragua give this tale a unique perspective not elsewhere reported. It is a story of enduring moral value—a story, above all, of the deep, beautiful soul of the Nicaraguan people.

--Fred Kronen, M.D.

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