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Immortally Enchanted

Ambros Aubrey is the heir to the throne, and he is one of the few elves that possesses the gift of magic. But at the age of seventeen, his parents are murdered by humans. He had to leave his home and his best friend turned true love, Xanthanasia Etienne, and go into hiding lest the enemy kills him too. That very same day, he told Xanthanasia he loved her, but Ambros never heard her say it back. Years later he returned, but Ambros is different. He has asked for Xanthanasia’s hand in marriage, but she could see that he was not the same elf she knew. Could she blame him? Before his parents died, he was happy and friendly. After, he was angry and was filled with hate and contempt. Xanthanasia couldn’t stand him anymore and had fallen out of love with him. Could it be that the way he was now is because Xanthanasia never told him she loved him? Ambros and her father won’t even let her talk to anyone they deemed unworthy, and that included her friends. Once she met Zarek Melrena, she felt alive again. Her mother approved of her budding friendship with Zarek, but when her father objected to their growing friendship, Xanthanasia decided to leave with Zarek on an adventure to different lands. She learned lots of things from Zarek, and even made a few friends along the way. However, someone was following them, watching their every move. Who could it be? And why would they care what two inconsequential elves are doing? Will Ambros ever be the way he was before his parents died? Will Xanthanasia get the old Ambros that she fell in love with back, or will she find new love with Zarek?

--K. A. A. Couture

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