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I Know the Untold Casey Anthony Story

This is how it all began, the story that captivated the Nation and became one of the most Infamous Crimes of the Century. This was the story of Caylee Marie Anthony, a beautiful child taken way too early. When all was said and done, nobody paid for the crime, nobody was incarcerated or accused, and Nobody knew the truth. Or did they?

There was a story that went UN-published of a young gentleman who became deeply attached to the case that just might know the truth to it all. His story was so factual he nearly became a suspect for his knowledge of how she died, where she would be found, and most importantly, who killed her. He knew some of the smallest details that only someone who committed the crime would know. How you ask? That's where the story gets interesting! Here's the True Story from Keith Destine Williams,

Lead on a journey he never saw coming

--Keith Destine Williams

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