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I Answer When Blood Calls

I Answer When Blood Calls is a gripping novel set in the sleepy Southern backdrop of Alabama. A maniacal serial killer dubbed by the media the "Zigzag Slasher" initiates his murderous spree beginning in 1957. When the bloody campaign suddenly stops in the early sixties, eight women are left dead in his wake, and the only common denominator is, they are all white females. Two decades pass when Sergeant Blaine Dukes, a young, black, and confident sheriff's detective is put in charge of a newly formed cold-case squad in the town the killings began.

Once the carnage starts again in the early eighties, Dukes must put all his efforts into finding the Zigzag Slasher while dealing with bigotry and an anxious public questioning his abilities while the nation becomes captivated by the savagery. With only scant clues left at the crime scenes, the desperate investigator must learn if this is the same killer from earlier or a deadly copycat predator. As more victims fall prey, it becomes a race against time. I Answer When Blood Calls is a mind-twisting roller-coaster ride whodunit that will have the reader guessing until the last pages are turned.

--Garland B. Johnson

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