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How to navigate the election process and select your candidates

Tired of the emotional whirlwinds surrounding political campaigns? Weary of wading through mudslinging ads? In an effort to encourage citizens to bypass the ugly drama so prevalent in most political campaigns, the author offers her insights on how to uncover little noticed facts on candidates. It takes some digging, yet the cost is mostly in your time spent. The process is simple and just about anybody can do this. The results of such research can bring clarity in the midst of seemingly chaotic and juvenile hype of political campaigns. Elections should be about qualifications for candidates, not popularity contests. Political campaigns should not be the equivalent of choosing the high school prom king or queen. It is a privilege to elect our own leaders, but we can only elect good leaders if we take the time to find out who they are. Otherwise, our choices are merely gambles.

--Mary Meeks

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