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How to Beat Stalin, Hilter and the Southern State Parkway

Do you wonder why bad things always seem to happen to good people? Do you want to know how to overcome adversity and become successful despite terrible odds? Would you like to know what a parkway on Long Island has to do with two evil dictators? Author Steve Borys has been struggling with these questions all his life. The conclusions reached in this book were arrived at after decades of getting beat up, making mistakes, and asking for help. You will learn about the trials and tribulations of the Borys family as they rocket through history on a horrific and hysterical ride.The hope is that these experiences can help you in your struggles and give you hope for a better tomorrow. If you are getting your butt kicked by life and want to turn the tables, this book might just be for you. It will at times make you angry, and yes, you might cry. You will definitely laugh, maybe even pee your pants, and who knows? It might change your life! Are you ready?

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--Steve Borys

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