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How to Beat A Woman at Her Own Games

In today's world, much unlike the world of long ago, before the 1980s—

where women probably and seemingly didn't play as many games and didn't

scheme as much as the women of today—one can clearly see, witness, and

attest to the ever-present and overwhelming amount of game playing and

scheming ways of most of the females we know, know of, see, and interact

with on a day-to-day basis. Most every man, at one point or some point

in his life, has fallen victim to a game or scheme of a female whom he has

either tried to get with or hook up with, and many guys get hit with games

and schemes even with those that they are married to or in relationships

with. Practically no man is exempt. We all at some point will find ourselves

faced with a woman whose sole purpose is to either go for what's in our

pockets or bank accounts, or to try to get us to do something for them for

free or to get us to buy them stuff without them appreciating it and then

turning around and buying us stuff too as well. That's a big part of the world

we live in as far as men interacting with women, and the sole purpose of

this book is to at least get guys to recognize when they are being played and

to not fall for the simple games that women play twenty-four hours a day

--Ralph Hemphill

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