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Holding on to Integrity and Paying the Price: A whistleblower’s story

This book is the story of Whistleblower Blake Percival. In 2011 Blake blew the whistle on the background investigation process of the United States government. Blake's revelations brought to light serious problems that might have allowed Edward Snowden and Aaron Alexis to slip through the cracks rather than be investigated properly and cleared or denied access as found appropriate. Blake's decision to do the right thing was easy for him to make but came at a high price.

In this book, you'll hear firsthand who this man is that exposed all this. You'll learn in detail what he did and how he did it as he shares intimate details about why someone would go through such a struggle. You'll hear the inside story of what it took, why he would do it, and what it was like to win in the end. His story just goes to show that you can do the right thing and win.

--Blake Percival

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