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Hidden Heroes: Initiation

So, completely hypothetically, how do you think you would react if you went skydiving with your father and he died tragically. Then six months later, after living with a complete, irrational phobia of heights for most of your junior year, you found out you could fly. And I mean, fly. Like a superhero. Not only that, but then you're kidnapped by the government and taken to the Academy, where you find others like you. All with powers directly tied to a traumatic event in their lives. Just ripped from everything you've ever known and being forced to utilize the very thing that serves as a reminder of the most horrific moment of your life. Then, while juggling that ball of fun, you fall into a whole conspiracy about your captors, their true identity, how you got your powers, and how to escape.

How would you react?

You don't know? Yeah, makes sense. That's what I would have said six months ago.

But, and you'll find this surprising, that's exactly what happened to me.

--Luke Girardi

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