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He's Watching

When Sarah returns to Paradise after seven years and sees that it's been burned to the ground, she realizes it's time to let go of the past. Being able to bury the past makes it easier to concentrate on her future and her ambitions, but who is this person that continues to haunt her nights? Who won't leave her alone? Why does it seem like they are always around but no one ever sees them? When the police department she works for sends over a technician to install a security system and he gets hurt before he even starts the job, she wonders what, this maniac has in store for her. Will she be safe in her own home, or will she be a prisoner? Who, if anyone, can she trust? She decides to try trusting the technician since he seems to be at her place so much. Could she be falling for the man who is trying to keep her safe, even though she vowed years ago to not let anyone into her heart ever again? She's supposed to be the one who catches the bad guys, but when she doesn't know who that is, will she ever find him? Be sure to look for the next thriller in the Sarah Wheeler series, "Secrets".

--Mary Peterson

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