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Another beautiful day in sunny Newport Beach, and Lance, a private investigator, takes time out to get some information from a local travel agency. Normally a peaceful community, not counting the tourists, all sorts of craziness interrupts his morning. Who holds up a travel agency? At least that is what appears to be happening. Lance's Army Ranger skills come in handy when he has to defend himself and others, taking out all three thugs.

Not a simple robbery or holdup, he finds out, as he gets more of the back story from the agency owner, who happens to be a lovely lady named Jenny. She isn't totally innocent though, as she helps smuggle a couple into the United States. If that's not bad enough, both people turn out to be the parents of an internationally wanted terrorist. Of course, he gets sucked in all the way to help her.

Some really nasty mercenaries have arranged this smuggling in order to draw out the terrorist. They hope to capture him for a multimillion-dollar bounty, and they have no qualms about innocent deaths along the way. They've killed many times before. When Jenny is kidnapped and her life is threatened, it gets personal for Lance. Though the local cops are willing to help, these mercenaries are way beyond their capabilities. Lance only sees one way to end this: find the terrorist himself and make life safe again. Lives hang in the balance.

--Thomas W. Hall

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