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Hand-drawn Renderings of Architecture and Interior Design

This book is designed to aid the students of design and architectural programs as inspiration in their rendering illustration development and technique. It was intended to have limited text so as to feature the finished rendered compositions, only to describe the medium used and design style concept for the illustrations. Where appropriate, it is noted at the beginning of a book section as to the design style/period depicted in the illustration. The author decided to not only include 2D and 3D building facades and interior views but also floor plans, site plans, and a section on furnishing renderings to encompass areas of the built environment. The last section of the book has a series of copyright-free line drawings one can print and experiment with their technique development or just have fun with color and material finish treatments.The author believes there is a soft movement within the various design disciplines, their clients, and students of design to appreciate and embrace hand-drawn visual illustrations once again. The book, it is hoped, will also appeal to professionals in the architecture and interior design communities as well as builders and their clients for sources of inspiration on design style, finishes, and materials for their future projects.As a note, the author also relies on his AutoCAD skills in creating various types of construction documents and details for a project but prefers the look of hand-drawn rendered illustrations for client concept and marketing venues. As his creative passion to create hand-drawn illustrations, it is hoped that this book will be a valuable visual resource for the student, professional, and art appreciator

--Rick Bartholomew

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