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Guardian of Paradise

Beware of strangers bearing gifts---Guardian of Paradise---The captivating story of a young woman determined to preserve the vast riches of her adopted island home---and the worldly young doctor who would awaken fantastic inner desires she never knew any woman could possess.

Orphaned as a child, Kira Wall had obtained a limited yet intensely skeptical view of the world outside this exotic tropical paradise. Her resolve to defend this land would be tested when a majestic tall ship arrived led by the ruthless Captain Darcy Coleman and his crew of cunning merchant marines. But, the ship also carries one interloper, the handsome and charismatic British physician, Dr. Trevor Marshall who is determined on wooing the beautiful island girl.

At first, Kira is suspicious and uncertain, but Trevor's flamboyant side gives way to tenderly reveal erotic pleasures they will soon share. As they explore magnificent and mysterious parts of the island never seen before as well as each other. Kira finds herself falling in love. But would fate and the evil intentions of the coldhearted invaders set on stealing the island's considerable treasures tear them apart---and take away the love that came to mean more to her than she ever dreamed.

--W. E. Lawrence

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