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Gracin Knowles: A Dystopian Solution

What is the result when there is a breakdown of societal norms?

Does morality survive when religion is marginalized and immediate gratification is embraced?

Does the lack of training and education of a countries history and culture result in large groups of citizens no longer recognizing right or wrong?

When shocking headlines of crime and violence become routine and governments are overwhelmed, who do the people turn to?

When the violence begins to impact the protected communities, will those powerful community leaders tell the elected officials to do something now or risk losing reelection.

When faced with this ultimatum will the officials take the easy way out, as usual, and resort to whatever is necessary to just make the problem to go away. The decision was to post the problem out to bid. But what type of contractor would respond?

With these questions in mind, should we be ever vigilant of what we wish for? I introduce you to Gracin Knowles: A Dystopian Solution.

--Richard Thomas Blum Jr.

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