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Grace the Forgetful Goose

Grace the Forgetful Goose is an adorable story about Grace that has a tendency to forget things. She is an older character, and she wears a baby blue granny coat. In this story, she needs to head to the store to pick up some groceries. On her way, she comes across some fun and lovable characters who are indeed close friends of hers. You will be introduced to Phil the Fox, Grumpy Gator, Bernie the Bear, Sneaky Snake, and a flock of her geese friends. Since she is heading to the store, they ask her to grab some things for them. She then starts to get lost and scared. She ends up getting some help and learns something she has forgotten. She starts returning home. Since she got lost, as well as getting to late in the day and getting to dark out, she starts to think what had she gotten herself into. On her way back home, she apologizes to her friends for getting lost and tells them she will try again tomorrow.

As the next day comes, she will try again. But this time, it will be different. She then asks some friends to go with her, at which they say yes and is finally able to get to the store. Throughout all this, she learns some life lessons. She learns some things she has forgotten and who she can count on. There will be more adventures to come on the upcoming series. You will start to get to know her lovable friends—getting to know them and how they are.

--Spencer Wagner

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