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Good Luck Sir...Sorry You Lose!: My time as a Las Vegas Dealer

Good Luck Sir… Sorry You Lose! is a lighthearted, sometimes quirky, look at the Las Vegas gaming business, through the eyes of a casino dealer. It follows the author's dealing career, told in chronological order, from 1980 until his retirement in 2018. During that time, he experienced lessons that were never taught in dealer's school, such as staying composed while encountering irate and contemptible personalities. And those were just the other dealers.

Our author also delves into the mind-set of the true gambler. From the desperation of the local player trying to parlay his meager buy-in into the two-week late rent on his apartment, to the high-rolling whale who thinks nothing of continuing to wager two hundred thousand dollars per hand in baccarat.

Throughout this book, there is some laughter and there is tragedy, but in the end, one comes to realize that this truly is a study in humanity.

--George M. Dean

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