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Going Down for the Third Time

Cry until you laugh. Have you ever known exactly how someone feels? Then there's a little bit of you in here. Take a stroll through the life of a woman who didn't know how to say no-well at least to a bottle of alcohols and a syringe full of drugs-yet she had no problem saying yes to the men in her life and then along came Jesus. A question: What do you do with leftovers?

How did she go from bad girl to ordained minister? If you can't find yourself in here, then maybe you should read it again. A story from Hell to Heaven, she was going down for the third time. The only one who heard her cry for help was someone she couldn't see. Ever been there? Then came her knight in shining armor.

His name is Jesus!

He's a hero!

He's God!

--Pamela Hammer

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