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God's Love Speaks: We Are Worthy of God's Love

God's Love Speaks is a divinely inspired and Heaven sent collection of love poems, poems about God's love inspired by God, who is love.

Poems about God's continuous unconditional and eternal love for all of mankind. God created in his own image and after his own likeness as God first loves us while not yet perfect and are still but sinners.

Poems about mankind's love and need for God's love and for God himself, who is love, as we love God because God first loved us.

Poems about mankind's love and need to love ourselves as God's beloved children, to love one another as brothers and sisters through Christ and to be loved by one another loving ourselves and one another, including the stranger and even our own enemies. While we ourselves and others are not yet perfect, and are still yet sinners saved by God's loving grace.

Even as we love God, because God first loved us, even so, let others love us because we first loved them. By this, all will know, we are a child and disciple of God, of he who is love.

--Samuel Jackson

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