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God's Failed Challenge?

Is Donald Trump God's way of showing us how much do-do we are in? This is the burning question as Hal, a space alien, assembles a colorful crew of characters, including some other space aliens and an NSA analysis, this, so as to tell the tale of Johnny Leroy Ronn. Much of the plot grows out of the notion that God itself expects the people of planet Earth to help out with keeping our planet cool, this, by way of moving on unto overunity/overperformance energy production. Many of the events of Hal's exciting tale are based on the author's real life. For example, in 1982, in both the book and in real life, a government agent threatened our protagonists, "If you ever take another job from which Social Security is withheld, we will kill you."

Indeed, unto this day, the real author of this book (as portrayed by the character Johnny Leroy Ronn) continues to battle the government's efforts to suppress his work. However, with the publishing of this book, after thirty-eight years of poverty and harassment, his quantitative gravity (QG) theory, which appears near the end of this book, does finally see the light of day. Morse's QG is the real thing; it can be expected to augment/replace Albert Einstein's general relativity, and it can be expected to enable our scientists to address some existential issues related to overunity/overperformance energy production for the first time. Put another way, this book is going to knock the socks off the science community.

--Dale Morse

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