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God of Vengeance: Destiny's Detritus

Derrik Vargas has a past that remains a mystery, even to himself. The maelstrom he is continually caught up in keeps him from delving into the mounting questions he has regarding his past and the seemingly never-ending violent and unrelenting chain of events he must try to survive. Derrik doesn't know that his past is on a collision course with his present, and the casualty rate will only increase as he draws closer to the facts that are truly stranger than fiction. He must quickly unravel this mystery or perish in its inexorable wake. This is an epic tale that chronicles events with a depth and breadth rarely depicted. Find out what Derrik's fate will be as the story unfolds and an unlikely truth is revealed. What does it all have to do with the so-called God of Vengeance?

--Ron J. Rongey

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