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God, Grace and Grandpa

This book is the true story of a boy who grows up with a great and wonderful man, the love of Christ, and the harsh journey he takes to understanding grace.

The desire to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps is so overpowering that nothing else matters. The older the boy becomes, the harder to enjoy life outside of his grandfather’s presence becomes. The turmoil of his parents and schoolmates causes great distress and pain throughout the rest of his life. The desire to be a friend to everyone and receive the love of others is tragically destroyed by the harshness of children and adults that don’t know the love of Christ or care for other’s emotions.

The daily grind of mean children as well as schoolteachers causes this child to question who he is and if anyone can love him other than his grandfather. A true desire to understand God and understand those around him becomes too heavy, and the emotional distress that this causes nearly puts an end to this young life. Only the love of Jesus and his grandfather keeps him on the correct path of life.

Fighting through the harder years of teenage life, trying to prove his worth to his father, dealing with a religious mother and the hatred of others—this story is how a young man becomes an exceptional athlete as well as a cocky womanizer. He hardens himself to those that have hurt him through the years, including his own family. The desire for his father to accept him becomes a lost cause, and he separates himself from his religious mother to go his own way. He never loses his love for his grandfather and the faith he has in God.

There are harsh and emotional situations in this book. It may be hard to understand how people can be so cruel to those who want nothing more than to love and be a part of their life.

This book will show you that even though you may not realize it, the Lord is with you even in times of distress. We all look for the answers in life and why we go through the things we do. This shows us that no matter what you go through there is one who is always with you and will help you get through anything.

I truly believe you will enjoy this book and believe and pray the message is loud and clear. May the Lord bless you and keep you.

--Charles J. Grams

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